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6 college students, 2.5 months, 1 mobile game free to download from google play and app store. Click here to see a detailed documentation of how I contributed to the art and animations of the game House Haunters, or to learn the basics of Procreate, Adobe Animate, and Adobe After Effect. 

House Haunters


Danganronpa Kirigiri, a spin-off novel series of the infamous murder mystery game Danganronpa, has come to an end in summer 2020. As a passionate fan of the series, I created a set of illustrations as a count-down campaign to celebrate the final volume's publication. I hope you feel the sentiment in the protagonists' journey in these digital paintings created in Procreate. 

Pixel Art Projects

In the past four years I participated in some game jams and found myself coming back to pixel art again and again. Along the way I learned how to create sprites, animation, and tile maps in this style. I also participated in game design for these projects! 

Misc Digital & Traditional Art

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